Coronavirus Relief Req Pack Brought to Halo 5

Microsoft Raising Money for Coronavirus Through Halo 5

Microsoft has officially added a coronavirus req pack to Halo 5, allowing gamers to put some of their money towards helping the cause. Since launch, 343 Industries has added lots of content through updates and the latest req pack is in direct support of the Coronavirus Relief Fund. The “Relief and Recovery” req pack will give gamers who purchase it five rare REQs of ultra-rare or better quality. All proceeds raised through this req pack will go directly to the Coronavirus Relief Fund. Halo 5: Guardians is available for PC and Xbox One now and it’s also part of the Game Pass lineup.

Halo 5 Microsoft req pack

The five rare REQs gained through the coronavirus req pack will allow gamers to customize their in-game appearance, not giving people an in-game advantage over others through purchasing. While this is a small thing for gaming companies to do, it’s always nice to see companies give back to nurses and doctors in need during the pandemic. One of the other recent charities gaming companies were giving back to was the Red Cross in battling the Australian bushfires and thankfully those have finally been put out.

Although Halo 5 has had somewhat of a drought, it’s nice to see that Microsoft is utilizing the opportunity to help gamers help others in need right now. There’s no cause we could see publishers and developers giving back to more than all efforts to battle the pandemic affecting so many of us because so many industries are being impacted. Cosmetics are a fun way to give gamers the option to help in some small way and with Guardians literally being in the title of the most recent installment of Halo, we find Microsoft’s decision very fitting.

Would you give to medical professionals in need if your favorite game made a cosmetic bundle like this? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Game Rant