PUBG is Raising Money For the Australian Wildfires With a Custom Frying Pan Skin

Every Little Bit Counts

As everyone is aware, Australia has been ravaged by a series of nationwide wildfires in recent months. The sheer devastation is hard to put into words and the exact number of dead animals and hectares of forest lost is still up in the air at the moment. The Australian government has been struggling to deal with this colossal issue. To help with this disaster many video game companies have started different initiatives in order to help raise money for relief. Call of Duty Modern Warfare started a fundraiser earlier this year, and now it is PUBG’s turn.

PUBG Clans

PUGB is now offering players a limited offer on a unique frying pan skin. This skin is going to cost three dollars (USD). So they are not expecting that you whip out the platinum credit card and save the entire world. However, if enough people do end up buying the skin, it could really make a difference. PUBG is still one of the world’s most popular games. The enormous player count that it continues to have could make a sizeable contribution to the relief fund.

The skin itself is not much to look at. But it does sport a very appropriate picture of a Koala Bear and Kangaroo on the back. PUBG issued a statement about the esthetic saying, “If the pan is not for you, we encourage you to research the disaster relief efforts and donate directly to a charity of your choosing.”

This fundraiser is going to be lasting until March 18th, so anyone who is interesting in giving money to a good cause will have plenty of time to do so. Charity is not very common in video games, but it is nice to see an exception like this.