Halo 5 Developer Leaves 343, Joins First Strike Games

The Developer Had Been Working at ‘Halo’ Studio 343 Industries for Five Years

The multiplayer design lead at Halo studio 343 Industries announced last Wednesday that he was leaving the company. The developer, Lawrence Metten, is now employed at First Strike Games as a design director.

Halo Multiplayer

“After five years at and nearly a decade with Microsoft it’s time for my exit,” Metten tweeted last Wednesday. “It hasn’t been easy deciding to leave my dream job and the company that gave me a chance as a 21-year old film school grad, but in my heart I know I’m ready for a change and a new challenge.”

At First Strike Games, Metten joins several other former 343 Industries developers such as Kevin Franklin and Doug Barnes. The studio was founded in 2016 and focuses on multiplayer games for consoles and the PC but hasn’t shipped a title yet. However, in 2017, publisher Nexon obtained the rights to publish the studio’s first title.

Metten’s departure comes as 343 is currently developing the next Halo game, Halo Infinite. There presently isn’t much info about the upcoming title but a 343 developer did confirm last week that that it wouldn’t have “real-money loot boxes.