Telltale May Be Working on Tales From the Borderlands 2

Telltale Working on Multiple Projects, Including Tales From the Borderlands 2

According to a Reddit user known as Hereitismydude, Tales From the Borderlands 2 is being worked on by Telltale and AdHoc Studio. This Reddit users has previously leaked Telltale’s Batman Shadows Edition and Wolf Among Us 2 previous to their announcements, so it’s possible that they have insider information. Tales from the Borderlands 2 is being co-developed by Telltale and AdHoc Studio, which was founded by Telltale veterans Dennis Lenart, Nick Herman and Pierre Shorette. The studios recently worked together to release The Walking Dead: The Final Season for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One which is available now.

Tales from the borderlands 2

According to this rumor from Hereitismydude, at least two Telltale titles are in the works: Tales From the Borderlands 2 and Poker Night 3. Apparently the two projects are being started due to writers block affected the production of The Wolf Among Us 2. Poker Night 3 is expected to reboot the Poker playing series that includes characters from Telltale titles, The Venture Brothers and Army of Darkness. If the rumor is accurate, gamers can expect to hear more about the two upcoming titles at or around E3.

Apparently, a lot of pre-production work has already been done on The Wolf Among Us 2, but the game is “on hold” while the guys at AdHoc figure out the details to the story. Poker Night 3 is basically a make-work project to keep developers at Telltale busy while they wait for The Wolf Among Us 2 development to resume. It sounds like the studio is utilizing their time and resources a lot better than the former Telltale Games.

Are you looking forward to Tales From the Borderlands 2 or Poker Night 3 more? What would you like to see next from Telltale and AdHoc? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech