The Wolf Among Us 2 Using Old Devs, New Engine

Which Is Good News, Right?

The future of Telltale, in particular any of the proposed sequels to their many franchises, has been a contentious subject. After all, the studio doesn’t exist anymore. At least, not in the way that it used to. Thankfully, it seems that some of the old devs are working on The Wolf Among Us 2.

The Wolf Among Us 2

TWAU2 is being handled by the new version of Telltale, along with AdHoc Studio. That second team is actually made up mostly of former Telltale employees, which is great! While we don’t have much of the creative team back, the sequel will be developed by the lead writer (Pierre Shorette) and the directors (Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart) of The Wolf Among Us.

In other news, TWAU2 is being developed with a totally different engine than say, every other Telltale game up to this point. Instead of the Telltale Tool engine, this game will be using Unreal Engine 4. Which seems more like a rights issue than a technical issue? Either way, we’re all just glad this game is happening at all. The Wolf Among Us 2 is coming to consoles and the Epic Games Store at an undisclosed date. There’s a tiny teaser out! Check it out below!