Ninja Theory Seeks to Redefine Entertainment

Ninja Theory’s Dreadnought May Redefine Entertainment

According to Ninja Theory Founder and Chief Design Director Tameem Antoniades, the development studio seeks to redefine entertainment with games such as Hellblade, Project: MARA and Dreadnought. During a recent interview, Antoniades said the studio approaches environment design in an effort to create realistic experiences in ambitious ways which apparently almost made Antoniades give up entirely. Antoniades also expressed the importance of input from others in the studio and their life experiences culminating togetherto create the acclaimed Hellblade. Their upcoming online brawler Bleeding Edge is set to launch on March 24th for Xbox One and PC.

Hellblade II redefine

When Tameem Antoniades was asked about Ninja Theory’s upcoming Dreadnought, the developer said “It is going to redefine what entertainment, or even reality, is. It will be a new medium, probably the last new medium, because you can’t get any closer to reality. I’ll do that, then I’ll probably quit.” We’re curious if the team is actually successful in creating a new medium that Antoniades will actually leave, but we hope it’s just his confidence shining through.

When the studio designs their environments, “the idea is to get as close to reality as possible, to create an environment that works the same way a real environment works and looks utterly, utterly real. It’s one area where I think we are world leaders. We can spend millions of pounds on it and create the best assets, beyond anything researchers have ever seen,” said Antoniades. “I suppressed all emotion during the making of the [Hellblade] game. It had felt like such an exhausting project to work on. But also it really hit home that it wasn’t just Senua, the character, it was a culmination of all of these people’s input, their life experiences. That was just sad.”

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Source: GQ Magazine