Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch Revealed

New Horizons, New Switch

Nintendo has just revealed an Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch to celebrate the latest instalment in the Animal Crossing series. The announcement was made on Twitter earlier today.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Switch

The new Switch boasts a custom design on its’ backing, as well as special joy-cons and a unique dock. The back of the Switch depicts several islands on an ocean. Some of the islands even have animal villagers on them.. The joy-cons come in a pastel green and blue. Most importantly, the Switch dock shows Tom Nook, along with Timmy and Tommy, hanging out on an island. The entire design should be very appealing to Animal Crossing fans or fans of cute things in general.

Along with the special edition console, Nintendo is also releasing an “Aloha Edition” carrying case for your Switch. The case is white and covered with turquoise.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch will be available on March 13 for $299.99 USD. The console will not include Animal Crossing New Horizons, which is set to launch a week later on March 20.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is the newest addition in the Animal Crossing franchise. Players will be moving to a private island where they can build up a community from scratch. The game promises to deliver a robust crafting system alongside the regular Animal Crossing fare of house decorating, fishing, gardening, errand running, and more.

Source: Twitter