The Second Season of the Witcher Could Feature More Witchers Than Just Geralt

Is the Crew Going to Assemble?

The second season of Netflix’s smash hit The Witcher is a far ways away. Set to debut sometime in 2021, fans have a long time to wait in nervous anticipation. We do know a couple of things about what the new season is going to be like based on what the studio has told the press, but for the most part, it’s one big mystery. However, it is now looking very likely that we are going to see more Witchers than just Geralt in Season 2. If the show does proceed as promised, then we are more than likely going to run in both Eskel and Lambert.

The Witcher 3 switch version

Eskel and Lambert are both of the other Witchers that live at the mysterious stronghold Kaer Morhen. It is sort of like a base of operations. Both of the other Witchers play a good background role in the games and it will be interesting how they are portrayed in the show. Vesemir, the head of Kaer Morhen and the entire order should also be making a cameo if everything pans out.

While most fans of the TV show have not read the books, most of the characters that are going to be introduced in the later seasons have been mentioned in the video games in one way or another. It should not be too hard to follow. Especially since the show’s producers how stated that they are going to go for a much more concise story this time around. No more jumping around.

The show’s director has said previously that the easily have enough content for eight or more seasons. So if we do not see Eskel and Lambert in the second season, we will definitely see them later on.