MediEvil Remake Demo “Short Lived” Gets Resurrected for the Holidays

Try out the Afterlife, See If You Like It

There are a lot of allegories between Sir Daniel Fortesque and Jesus Christ, if you really think about it. Both of their original source materials got remakes, they both died and came back, but the difference is that Sir Dan’s second coming came true with the MediEvil remake demo coming back to the PlayStation Store. Sir Dan also probably knew prostitutes as well. The demo was first made available on PS4 in September, preceding the release of the remake in October.

MediEvil Remake Demo

Like the first time around, the demo includes the two levels, Graveyard and Hilltop Mausoleum, and ends with a battle against the Stained Glass Demon. Completing the demo gets the player an exclusive item Sir Dan’s Helmet to wear in the full game. The helmet is what Sir Dan wore in the Japanese edition of the original MediEvil release in 1998. It would be cool for the re-release of this demo to give players something different like a Santa hat for Sir Dan to wear in the full game. Unfortunately, game developers can’t afford my endless amount of good ideas.

The MediEvil remake’s release may have been seasonally appropriate, unlike the re-release of the demo, but that shouldn’t stop you from downloading it if you missed it the first time around. If you’re interesting in the game, you can try the demo and/or check out our review on our site. MediEvil is out now on PS4.

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Source: PlayStation Store