Cats On Duty Claws at Steam Next Fest With Demo

Feline Fury with Cats on Duty

It’s time to get the claws out. Prepare an army of killer cats for a genre-bending war. Match three, strategy, resource management, and more, all await. Today, ESDigital Games and Prikol Team are purring at the fact that the demo for their tower defense match-3, Cats on Duty, is enjoying time on Steam’s Next Fest. Placing players in command of an army of cats, the game blends genres, crossing the line between strategy and puzzle. Of course, combining all of these types of genres provides some unique gameplay. The announcement trailer for the game, previously released, gives gamers a look at how this gameplay functions. 

Cats on Duty

Cats on Duty invites players to partake in a mix of strategy genres with real-time strategy, tower defense, and match-3 mechanics. Importantly, players take on the role of leader of the cat army. As a leader, players can assemble a diverse army of cats from a variety of different types. Interestingly, each cat has its own skills and abilities. For instance, players can add cats such as assassin cats, sniper cats, shotgun cats, and even heroes like Puss in Boots. Now, building the army is one thing but players will also need to farm resources using a match three-style puzzle system. The combination of RTS, puzzle, and base defense is sure to keep players on their toes. 

As the game has been enjoying its demo time at Next Fest, the developers are preparing another surprise for players. This Saturday, October 14th, players can check out the game’s next broadcast on Steam at 3pm BST/4pm CEST/10am EDT/7am PDT. 

Cats on Duty is releasing at a later date for PC. Currently, the demo is available on Steam right now.