Glasshouse Starts Surviving With New Demo

Welcome to the Post-Capitalist World 

The threat of nuclear winter looms. Your survival depends on your wits, affiliations, and skills. Of course, having some good old social credit doesn’t hurt. Today, developer Flat28 is happy to announce a brand new demo for their cRPG survival game, Glasshouse. Inspired by games like Disco Elysium, the game invites players to enter a post-capitalist world full of political conspiracy and the threat of nuclear winter. Importantly, the game locks players into a condominium using unique crafting, social, and character mechanics to develop the story. A story trailer from last month gives players a look at the world they are stepping into.¬†


Glasshouse places players in Lundonstoch, a once productive city condemned to a lockdown. The reason? A terrorist organization is threatening nuclear war. Of course, as a citizen, players will find themselves locked into their apartment complex with only themselves and their community. Interestingly, it is within this complex that the meat of the game unfolds. Players will become embroiled in politics within the complex, dealing with elections, while also interacting with the other denizens of the apartment. Of course, there are various factions vying for power, each looking for new members. Importantly, aligning yourself with any given faction has consequences.

As the end of the world is upon us, Glasshouse also provides players with different ways to survive. Crafting ,social credit, trading, combat, and more are all a means to an end when it comes to survival. Get a look at the story of the game in the trailer. View the trailer below.

Glasshouse is currently in development and can be wishlisted on Steam. Additionally, a new demo for the game is available on the game’s website.