MediEvil Has A Demo On PSN Right Now

Rad to The Bone

The free demo for the MediEvil PS4 remake is on PSN right now. If you’ve been burning with curiosity about the upcoming game and whether it’s going to measure up to the original version, this is a perfect opportunity for you.

MediEvil demo psn right now

Announced during the most recent Playstation State of Play, the demo contains two levels for players to mess around in. In fact, said levels are the same ones that were included in the PS1 version’s demo disc from a million years ago. It’s a perfect nod to fans who were there for Sir Daniel Fortesque’s humble beginnings back in the 90’s.

If nothing else, this new version of the game looks delightful. I was always fascinated by Sir Daniel’s original adventures, though I missed them when the game was first released. Perhaps this version will do so good we get some brand new games in the franchise? The MediEvil PS4 demo is on PSN until October 6th, with the full game coming out on October 25th.