Scarlet Nexus Has Released a Free Steam Demo for Players to Try

Free Anime Action

Those who have been curious about Scarlet Nexus but haven’t pulled the trigger yet now is a good chance to see if the game is for you or not. A demo has been released on Steam so you can see if this action JRPG is something you enjoy.

I wish the demo released earlier on PC; it is always great when games offer a demo. I prefer if they offer before launch, so I know if it is worth picking up or not. Releasing one after launch runs the risk of people losing interest. I mean, I already bought it, so I don’t need this demo, but hopefully, it will revitalize interest and get more people to buy it. Scarlet Nexus is a solid JRPG.

What is Scarlet Nexus? Well, it is an action-focused JRPG where the player can choose between two different protagonists where they will throw things around with their psychokinesis as they fight creatures called the Others that have an annoying interest in eating human brains.

Bandai Namco has also revealed a new DLC pack that includes the following:

  • Bond Level Extension ā€“ A newly unlocked bond level (EX) which features new SAS power extensions, new bond episodes, and will reveal new aspects of your allies that was not available in the main story.
  • Additional Costumes and Weapons. ā€“ Set of newly designed costumes and weapons for all protagonists and party members to fight in style.

While a demo is a great way to know if you will enjoy a game or not, I have a simpler way for Scarlet Nexus. Do you like anime? Scarlet Nexus is basically pure anime with all of its strengths and weaknesses. As an anime action game, Scarlet Nexus has been pretty great so far though I am just a few hours in.

Source: Press Release