Howl Announces The Release of an Xbox Demo

The Howling Comes to Xbox

The howling plague has come for you Xbox players. It is your chance to get a taste of playing the hero. However, it isn’t for everyone. It involves a great deal of foresight and planning to succeed here. Today,  Astragon Entertainment and Mi’pu’mi Games are happy to announce a new demo for their turn-based adventure, Howl, is out now for Xbox Series X|S. Allowing Xbox players to enter the world of living ink, the demo allows players to test their wits and skills in the world of parchment and water color beset by plague. In addition to the demo, a new accolades trailer lets players see what’s being said about the game. 


Howl places players to a medieval folktale set in a parchment world. Introducing players to a deaf protagonist, they must use their hero to put a stop to the dreaded howling plague. This noise based plague is turning the people of this world into horrific beasts. Of course, being deaf, the protagonist is immune to the plague. However, she isn’t immune to being ripped limb from limb. Unfortunately, these monsters have the capability to do so. Yet, players aren’t without their tricks. As this heroine players will be able to plan out her movements six turns in advance. This allows players to get the jump on these monsters with their crossbow. 

Of course, a demo of the game is now available on Xbox. Those who haven’t gotten a chance to see the game for themselves in the new accolades trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

Pre-orders for Howl are currently available for the Epic Games StorePlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The demo is currently available here. Of course, the game is also available on PC via Steam now.