Elden Ring May Be Shown at the Game Awards

Rumors Suggest Elden Ring Will Be Shown at the Game Awards

According to rumors from IGN Middle East, Elden Ring will be shown off at The Game Awards taking place next month. The leak also includes¬†some new details on the Elden Ring combat mechanics such as the in-game cost of using powerful abilities and limb damage. Some areas of the game are expected to be open while others will be more linear similar to games like Borderlands 3 or Outer Worlds. Elden Ring doesn’t have an official release date but it’s expected to release in 2020.

Elden Ring Release Date

The following list of rumors were mentioned by IGN Middle East alongside the news that Elden Ring will appear at The Game Awards.

  • Most of the combat is built upon the foundations of the Souls series.
  • The powers you get from the bosses are integrated to combos like the prosthetic in Sekiro but for all weapons.
  • An FP bar is used and it is part of the new burn mechanic. Using these powers burns your arms until they become ashes. Your arms can also be cut by enemies if burned to a certain degree. You can use mechanical arms as a weaker replacement.
  • Limbs are dropped by enemies but only some can be used as replacement for your arm. Most of the others are rotten or already burned. They can also be offered to¬† covenants.

Apparently covenants will be Elden Ring’s version of factions which gamers will quest for and trade with. This concept of offering an ally a rotten arm is entertaining to us but enemies slicing off our burning arms, not so much. It’ll be interested to see how the burn mechanic is further fleshed out, such as ways it can affect the environment or structures. If we were to guess what the FP in FP bar stands for, we’d say it’s short for “fire power.”

Do you think IGN Middle East is onto something with Elden Ring being at the Game Awards or do you think they’ll be proved wrong? What do you think about a burn mechanic being used in combat? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech