Target Gives Elden Ring 2020 Release Date

Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That

A listing on Target’s website shows Elden Ring with a June 2020 release date. There has been no official release date announcement at this time, so maybe that listing won’t last too long, but for now it’s up! Maybe we’ll get this mysterious game sooner than we thought?

Elden Ring Release Date

Elden Ring is a collaborative project between From Software and George R. R. Martin. This pairing is guaranteed to produce something terribly interesting, if nothing else. The game is lacking in a definitive protagonist, meaning you’re likely cooking one up yourself. Thrilling! Aside from that, there’s a single teaser trailer to go by.

Assuming this early release date listing is correct, we’ve only a number of months before we see what this epic title is all about. If the trailer is anything to go by, there will be no shortage of incredible lore and slowly mounting stakes to soak in. In the meanwhile, keep an eye on pre-order page. If it’s not an empty placeholder, we could have this crazy game next year!