EA Wins Record For Most Downvoted Reddit Comment

Yes It’s About Star Wars

Star Wars Battlefront II ruffled a lot of feathers, if you recall. In particular, EA’s handling of microtransactions and loot boxes earned them an incredible amount of ire from their fans. To that end, EA is the proud author of most downvoted Reddit comment ever made. Of course it would be about that game.

star wars battlefront ii - clone wars reddit comment

According to the entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, the comment in question has something like 683,000 downvotes. For reference, the 2nd-most downvoted comment is somewhere in the 88,000 range. EA made an official response to fan outrage over unlockable content in Battlefront II, and people were genuinely unhappy about it.

If you’re curious, you can read the comment in question here. The thread is locked, obviously, but you can still take a trip back in time to see how mad people got. The game has undergone numerous changes since this time, essentially becoming a wholly different title. It’s still an EA/Dice game with a skyrocketing skill ceiling, but it’s better than it was in those rocky early days.