Life is Strange 2 Will Be Pulled From All Platforms in Australia

Life is Strange 2 Runs Into Some Trouble With Australia’s Rating Board

Life is Strange 2 is getting pulled from PC, PS4, and Xbox One digital stores in Australia for two weeks starting this Wednesday due to some issue the country’s rating board has with the game’s content. According to the Life is Strange Twitter account, those who’ve already downloaded the game won’t be affected by this but the game won’t be available for re-download on PS4 during this time.

Life is Strange 2

“Heads up for Australian digital store customers. will be unavailable to purchase on ALL platforms as well as re-download on PS4 for approximately 2 weeks from Wednesday onwards, while we work with the Australian age ratings board (ACB) to review age ratings,” the Twitter account explained.

“This situation is temporary and only affects Australian digital storefronts,” read another tweet. “We will restore service asap and will keep you updated with any developments. Already installed LiS2 content will not be removed from your device during this period and will still be playable.”

Life is Strange 2’s fourth episode launched last month and the final episode is currently scheduled to come out on December 3rd.

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