New Joy-Con Patent Features Hinges For Some Reason

To Turn The Tides of Gaming, Maybe

While the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons aren’t quite perfect, no-one was expecting a revision quite this… bendy. This isn’t an official announcement as much as a rough blueprint, but this hinges concept still has some merit. Assuming they can make it work, or they attempt it at all.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Hinges

Some fans have theorized that the hinges are used to make the Joy-Cons more ergonomic. A slight bend in controller setup lines up more effectively with the natural resting position of the thumb, or so I’m assuming. It’s either that or this is one of those ‘just crazy enough to work’ scenarios.

Again, there’s no guarantee this design is being implemented anytime soon. After all, we’re getting a Switch lite pretty soon, along with a few new Joy-Con colors. Unless Nintendo is getting ready to drop some holiday bombs on us later this year, we’re probably a ways away from any wacky bending Switch controllers.