New Darksiders Genesis Trailer Lights the Fires of War

War Never Changes

The fourth Darksiders game (not Darksiders 4) will be out this year. No specific release date has been announced, but the year is quickly approaching its end and the release window is closing. Darksiders Genesis is known to have a co-op component with the two players playing as two of the Four Horsemen Strife and War. The new Darksiders Genesis trailer spotlights War, the classic Horseman of the series. He has appeared in every game so far, but now we get a look at him from a different perspective.

Darksiders Genesis Trailer

Fans know War; his long hair, deep voice, badass skills, and his hand roughly 3 times the size of his head. In this trailer, we see his spin-to-win and smashing AOE moves. Other than really hardcore fans that just want a new glimpse at the game and brand new fans that have no idea who War is, I can’t really think of who this trailer is for. If anything we need a character trailer for Strife. He is after all the Horseman with the least amount of screen time in the series.

Darksiders Genesis is quite the departure from what Darksiders fans are used to. Instead of a third-person perspective, we will get a dungeon crawler. This is also a prequel to the other games, which all take place around the same time. In this story, we will see important events that precede Lucifer’s disruption of the balance between Heaven and Hell. Darksiders Genesis will be released sometime in 2019 on Google Stadia, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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Source: YouTube