Batman: Arkham Legacy Is Rumored to Be Revealed at the Game Awards

Get out Those Pointy Ears and Arm-Blades

We know that Warner Bros Games has been teasing a new Batman game centered around the Court of Owls for a while. It may be about time that we got some concrete news about it. Unfortunately, today’s news is just another rumor, but if it is to be believed, it would mean that the game will be announced soon. According to the YouTuber Slcmof, who also broke news on a cancelled Damien Wayne Batman game, the new game will be called Batman: Arkham Legacy. Perhaps more importantly, it will be revealed at the 2019 Game Awards.

Batman: Arkham Legacy

This Batman game was teased on Batman Day this year and even before that with rumors and leaked concept art. We kind of knew it was coming. Even though Arkham Knight ended with Bruce Wayne’s supposed self-destruction, you don’t just walk away from a franchise like this. Now that the bat’s out of the bag, the time feels right for an official announcement, right?

There are other details that have been dug up related to this Batman game. For instance, the legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy has not been asked to return as the Caped Crusader in this game. He also did not voice him in Arkham Origins, which was also developed by WB Games. He does however have an upcoming cameo as Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths series.

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Source: YouTube