Kevin Conroy Has Not Been Asked to Return for New Batman Game

The Dark Knight Doesn’t Return

Everyone has their favourite Batman. Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Adam West; each of them has a special place in the hearts of fans, but when it comes to Batman voice actors, almost everyone agrees on their favourite. Kevin Conroy has perhaps the most iconic Batman voice in the character’s history. He played Bruce Wayne/Batman for nearly 30 years with dozens of credits in animation and video games including the critically acclaimed Arkham series. But for some reason, Kevin Conroy will apparently not be coming back in the new Batman Game.

New Batman Game

In an interview with, Conroy was asked about his involvement with the all-but-announced Court of Owls Batman game. To everyone’s surprise, he said that he isn’t coming back for the game. “I don’t know why. I’m not a gamer, but I have been guided through playing the game, by the Rocksteady people. And boy, it is spectacular. I can see why people are so addicted to them. The feeling of flying through Arkham with Batman is just incredible.” He is obviously proud of the work he has contributed to the games and the fact that he doesn’t know why he isn’t coming back suggests that the developers WB Games Montreal did not reach out to him. It’s pretty unfortunate, especially since Kevin Conroy himself spoke out that he wanted to be in another game.

WB Games Montreal did not develop the Arkham Asylum, City, or Knight Games which Conroy provided his voice for, but they did develop Arkham Origins, which Conroy was not a part of. Instead, Roger Craig Smith played Batman in Origins. If not Conroy, will Craig Smith return? We will just have to wait and see. The rumored title of the game Batman: Arkham Crisis has no release date as of yet.

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