Kevin Conroy, The Voice of Batman, Wants To See Another Arkham Game

Kevin Conroy Is Officially a Gamer

The Batman Arkham series has been a major success. Everyone and their mother likes Batman. The franchise is huge. It was especially big around the time of the Batman movies featuring Christian Bale. That being said, we have not seen another Arkham game for over four years now. There have been countless amounts of rumors surrounding the next Batman game but nothing official has come out yet. Rumors and unsubstantiated leaks can only go so far. People are starting to get impatient. Even Batman himself.

batman: the enemy within

Kevin Conroy, the actor who used to voice Batman in the animated Batman cartoon in the 1990s took to Twitter to voice his opinion. His tweet seems to be hinting at Rocksteady, the developers of the Arkham series to crank out a new game. Rocksteady tweeted out to celebrate the anniversary of Arkham Knight and Conroy responded with “But why stop there?!!”

This could just be Conroy harmlessly poking fun at the developers as well as the Batman fanbase. Or Conroy could secretly be a hardcore gamer and is a massive fan of the video game series. The latter is much more fun to believe.

Another Batman game is likely to take place. Just based off of how popular the games and entire Batman franchise are. Superheroes are all the rage nowadays and it would be very shortsighted of any developer to not recognize that.

Whenever the next game releases it seems as though Kevin Conroy will be more than happy to lend his voice acting abilities to the project. The voice acting in both if the Arkham games were top notch so we should expect that to stay the same if the series does continue.

All fans can do now is pray that Conroy convinces Rocksteady to get the ball rolling.