Borderlands 3 Sold Nearly 7 Million Units

Gearbox Software Celebrates the Successful Borderlands 3 Launch

During the recent Take-Two Interactive quarterly financial briefing, Gearbox Software developed Borderlands 3 has shipped nearly 7 million units so far. The game will also be launching for Google Stadia when the service goes live later this month so the game will likely receive another spike in sales for that. Borderlands 2 has shipped around 22 million units as of now, so Borderlands 3 still has some catching up to do, but this series is known for continuing to sell well over time. The latest installment of Borderlands is currently available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Borderlands 3

Despite facing some delays and the Epic Games Store exclusivity outrage, Borderlands 3 continues to sell well, selling another two million units since the first week of sales. Take-Two Interactive will likely push 2K and Gearbox Software for more Borderlands titles moving forward considering no amount of controversy can stop this looter shooter series. Considering digital units don’t have to be shipped, the over three million digital units sold are just icing on the Borderlands cake.

The Bloody Harvest event helped the several million Borderlands 3 gamers celebrate Halloween in-game, offering new skins, guns, enemies, etc. More new content will release with an upcoming update and we presume this Borderlands will continue to receive support through 2020. Sometimes live service games can be slow to release content for their roadmap but apparently Gearbox Software will support Borderlands 3 in a live service way without having to brand the looter shooter as one. Currently there’s a contest to win a trip to Gearbox HQ through the in-game photo mode and we recommend checking it out here!

Are you a member of the 7 million physical gamers or the 3 million digital gamers? What’s your favorite character to play as in Borderlands? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt