Borderlands 3 Updates Will Be Bringing Dedicated Drops

Turns out, Borderlands 3 Is a Farming Game

In the first month or so after a game’s launch, it is constantly being updated with hotfixes and balances. Some of the more recent Borderlands 3 updates have nerfed certain characters to the dismay of their players. Not all updates will be harsh towards players exploiting sweet perks though. In a recent stream by Gearbox, a much desired feature was announced. The stream was hosted by Borderlands 3 combat designer Grant Kao and God Queen Tyreen voice actor Elisa Melendez. One of the features that have fans excited is the arrival of dedicated drops.

Borderlands 3 Updates

If you are not a player that avidly hunts for the best loot, the term “dedicated drops” might elude you. In the context of a game like Borderlands, a dedicated drop basically means that certain enemies will drop certain items. If you are looking for a particular gun, shield, grenade mod, or something, there will be an enemy that will have the chance of dropping it. Instead of roaming the Borderlands in search of this item, you can just farm the same enemy until you get it.
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Something else that might excite Borderlands 3 players is the prospect of having better functioning menus! Players surely know all too well the pain of navigating their inventory in this game. There’s a ton of lag, sometimes favourite items are not marked properly, it just isn’t optimal. Well, with no specific date or detail given, an inventory update is on its way. Hopefully, this update fixes these issues in some way. Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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