Company of Heroes 3- A Glimpse Into the Future

A Roadmap for Company of Heroes 3

Relic Entertainment revealed the future plans for Company of Heroes 3 today in a comprehensive video, showcasing a fresh content roadmap. It encompasses an imminent PC update that introduces plenty of gameplay enhancements. Alongside the console edition, the game will be receiving a series of content updates, improvements, and bug fixes.

This future roadmap provides fans with a sneak peek into the key updates and features, set to enrich the gaming experience throughout the year.

Company of Heroes 3

Umbral Wasp is the first update included in the PC roadmap. This new update will come with improved unit and animation responsiveness, refined unit pathfinding, and the introduction of a fresh 4v4 map. It will also bring back the popular 1v1 map, balance adjustments, and various other gameplay refinements. Additionally, The PC Edition of CoH3 is set to receive fan-requested updates such as Replay System and improved Unit Responsiveness.

The console edition of the game will finally receive the Brass Leopard update in September. This will include gameplay improvements, new maps, and audio updates. Above all, an expansion pack is also on its way for release later this year.

If you want to know more information regarding CoH3, please visit their official website at Also, make sure to check out the official roadmap video below.