Rumor: Mario Red Edition Switch OLED Is Arriving on October 6

Rumor: Mario Red Edition Switch OLED Will Be Available on October 6

Nintendo formally unveiled a new Switch OLED with a Super Mario theme at the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct after a leak. The gadget will go on sale on October 6 in advance of the release of Super Mario Bros. A sense of nostalgia for one of 2023’s top box office hits will be piqued by the designs decorating this variation of the famous $350 dockable console. This model deviates from the previous Mario-themed Switch by opting for a red-and-black aesthetic.

The Mario Red Edition Switch OLED has a recognizable red hue connected to Super Mario. If it initially seems familiar, it’s because Nintendo launched a Mario Red standard Switch in 2021. The red color scheme is a tribute to the iconic plumber and his adventures. The black accents on the console and Joy-Con controllers add a sleek and modern touch to the overall design. This limited edition release will excite fans and collectors alike, offering a unique way to celebrate the beloved Super Mario franchise.

Mario Red Switch OLED

The Mario Red Edition Switch OLED has everything you need to start gaming, including the dock, Joy-Con, Joy-Con grip, and HDMI connection. It also has a seven-inch OLED screen, better audio, 64GB of internal storage, and everything you need.

The Switch OLED version, however, has a few amusing Mario Easter eggs. Along with rows of coins under the dock’s rear cover, there is a silhouette of Mario in the lower back corner of the structure. Its ultra-red design is the main attraction.

The Mario Red Edition Switch OLED’s vibrant red color adds excitement and nostalgia to the gaming experience. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mario or just starting your gaming journey, this special edition console will surely bring a smile to your face.