Mario vs. Donkey Kong Demo Already Has Mods

A Sneak Peek into Modding Marvels Ahead of Mario vs. Donkey Kong’s Release

In an impressive display of modding ingenuity, eager enthusiasts have wasted no time in tinkering with Mario vs. Donkey Kong, even before its official release on February 16th, 2024. The game’s public eShop demo has become the canvas for these modders, unveiling intriguing modifications that give a glimpse of the creativity within the gaming community.

One standout mod, shared by Twitter user @nintygametube, has garnered attention for seamlessly integrating the character model from Super Mario 64 into Mario vs. Donkey Kong. While the mod may be relatively subtle, it showcases the technical prowess of modders who have swiftly embraced the demo as a platform for their creative endeavors.

The remarkable aspect of this feat lies in the timing; usually, game mods emerge after a title has been in circulation for a while. However, these intrepid modders have defied expectations by producing captivating alterations within days of the demo’s public availability.

Our recent hands-on experience with Mario vs. Donkey Kong has fueled optimism for the upcoming Switch title. Describing the game as a “genuinely great spin-off,” we noted the meaningful changes, new modes, and a modern look-and-feel that breathe new life into the classic formula. The consensus is that this iteration has the potential to surpass the 2004 original, providing a fresh and enchanting experience for both newcomers and longtime fans of Nintendo’s magic.

As the release date approaches, the modding community’s early endeavors have added an extra layer of excitement, hinting at the endless possibilities for customization and creativity within Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Whether these mods will continue to evolve and proliferate post-launch remains to be seen, but for now, the early modding wonders offer a tantalizing preview of the inventive spirit that awaits players in the full game.