CDPR Writers Worried Witcher 3 Lacked Content

Witcher 3 Writers Thought the Game Didn’t Have Enough Content

During a recent Eurogamer interview, CD Projekt RED Lead Writer Jakub Szamalek said the writers of Witcher 3 were worried during development that there wouldn’t be enough for players to do. Apparently they felt a particular sort of tunnel vision that developers sometimes experience when working on a project for a long time and they approached it with a perfectionist attitude. The Witcher 3 was just recently ported to the Nintendo Switch and it’s available in a complete package with all its DLC on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Witcher 3 story

Gamers who experienced the Witcher 3 are fully aware that the game not only featured a beautiful landscape to explore and intricate combat to master, but it also had a plethora of interesting quest lines to unfold. “We were seriously concerned there weren’t enough quests, enough dialogue sequences, there wasn’t enough to keep the player busy,” said Jakub Szamalek. “Obviously we were hugely mistaken because the density of the experience is definitely not lacking – but it was so hard to assess it when the game was still being made.”

Part of game development is not knowing all of the pieces to the puzzle as different teams are working on different things. “Even if you do have a clear goal and direction, you might end up in a different place because a certain part of the game gets cut or a new mechanic is introduced and this requires you to change the storyline, or it turns out that a tester says the game is lacking this or that,” said Jakub Szamalek. Thankfully the writing team had unwarranted fears as we thought the amount of secondary quests was staggering and that the main story arc truly shines every time it’s experienced.

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Source: Eurogamer