Gamers Spends 1,800 Hours on The Witcher 3

Now That’s Commitment

The sprawling single-player RPG The Witcher 3 gives players plenty to do, there’s no arguing that. But gamer Bruno Printz-Påhlson really drives this point home after spending over 1,800 hours on the game.

Witcher 3 Developer

It might sound crazy, but Printz-Påhlson says he has no regrets about the huge amount of time he has poured into the game. And by the time of writing this, he has probably spent even more time playing the game.

“The quality of the story and the freedom to play your own way sets it apart from many games and those are my favorite parts, the way that the game gives you freedom without the story suffering for it,” he said.

He’s also devoted 200 hours into The Witcher 2, 500 into Grand Theft Auto 5, and 600 into Fallout 4. But the closest to his current Witcher 3 playtime is—unsurprisingly—Skyrim, which he has sunk about 1,500 hours into thus far.

“I’m mostly trying to get achievements and find things I might have missed like encounters on the road where I never traveled before,” Printz-Påhlson said of his Witcher 3 playtime. “I also made a new game plus but it didn’t feel as fun as a regular new game because there you had to earn money and gear, whereas on new game plus you can just buy anything and start out sort of like a god.” Currently he’s trying to destroy every monster nest in the game’s world, something he’s never done across a single save file, even after hours upon hours of blowing up monster nests.

But why not just do it in one playthrough?

“It was never a focus of mine,” Printz-Påhlson said. “I wanted to play naturally and play the game going by how I felt like playing, not simply running around doing pretty much the same thing all the time.”