The Sinking City Will Be “30 to 40 Hours” Long

The Open-World Lovecraftian Detective Game Has Plenty to Do

The Lovecratfian detective game The Sinking City will have “30 to 40 hours of playtime,” according to the game’s Ukranian-based developer Frogwares. They released numerous bits of information regarding the game in a new Q&A, which you can watch below.

Although there’s still no concrete release date, Frogwares said that they “will announce the release date and price when [its] ready.” Community Manager Sergey Oganesyan described the game as a “detective and adventure game.” However, he said that it will include combat with various Lovecraft-inspired enemies.

In a previous interview, Frogwares’ CEO Wael Amr described the game’s style and focus.

“The Sinking City is our biggest project to date and is a natural evolution of our game design style that we’ve been polishing since our first Sherlock Holmes game” he said. “We’ve received both commercial and critical success with our Sherlock Holmes series. The Sinking City takes that heritage to an even grander and ambitious level. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Bigben and joining forces again.”

“We feel that us creating our first open world game is a natural evolution of the path that we’ve been taking,” he said during another interview. “We are gamers ourselves, and we know that an open world design has its own set of rules and challenges that need to be tackled in their own specific way. The biggest one – making sure that the world “lives”. There is nothing hard in creating a huge map, but it is the little, subtle things that make the world great. We want players to feel like they wondered into a liveable, breathing, macro-organism – with its own set of rules, stories, and people. This is what we want to create in The Sinking City – a world that is real.”

“We are proud to be continuing our collaboration with Frogwares on a project as rich and innovative as The Sinking City,” said Benoit Clerc, who is Video Game Director over at published Big Ben Interactive. “Lovecraft’s imagination has been a source of fantastical inspiration and the studio’s vision for The Sinking City is breathtaking. All of this experienced team’s talent will come together to develop an open world blending investigation, action and adventure in a town where horror merges into madness.”

The Sinking City will be release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.