PlayStation Now Confirmed for PlayStation 5

The Upcoming PlayStation 5 Will Feature PlayStation Now

Yasuhiro Osaki from SIE’s Network division recently confirmed during the weekly Famitsu that PlayStation Now will be cross-generational with the PlayStation 5. Osaki also noted that there aren’t plans to bring the service to smartphones despite Microsoft expanding into the mobile market with Project xCloud. Though this isn’t a shock to PlayStation fans, it’s good to know that our subscriptions for PlayStation Now will remain relevant for another generation of consoles. PS5 releases in the holiday season 2020 and it’s likely PlayStation Now will be available at launch.

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After recently receiving a price cut to $10 per month, PlayStation Now gives more value for the price with over 700 titles. However, there will be more popular titles added to PlayStation Now each month going forward. Some time-limited titles included with the service are: Grand Theft Auto 5, inFamous: Second Son, God of War and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. These games are available until January 2nd 2020 so if future titles follow the same trend, gamers will have several months to sink their teeth into their favorite time-limited title.

Currently it’s unknown if the cost for PlayStation Now will increase on the PlayStation 5, though it’s unlikely since the recent price drop was received positively by the PlayStation community. We’re interested to see how many more subscribers the service received after announcing the price drop but most importantly, we’re excited that the PlayStation 5 will likely launch with access to the 700 plus games. With more popular titles coming to the service in the future, it’ll be interesting to see when PlayStation 5 titles will make it to the service and if any time-limited titles will be available when the next-gen console releases.

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Source: Gaming Bolt