PlayStation Now Will Offer Digital Downloads Later This Year, Says Source

Downloads Could Broaden Appeal for PlayStation Now

Apparently, the deepest crags of circulating rumors spawned word that PlayStation Now will facilitate downloads later this year. As many may know, PS Now is a PS4 subscription service that lets players stream from a vast library of games. A source recently confirmed that downloading games from the library will become an option.

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Following the inception of PS Now’s rumor, an anonymous source confirmed to Kotaku UK that the feature will be implemented later this year. The confirmation came with additional details. According to the source, downloads will be limited to PlayStation 4 games at the onset. Just like PlayStation Plus, the games you download will remain accessible so long as you’re subscribed to the service. Meaning, you and any other account on the same PlayStation 4 can play the game offline. Once the service ends, the games will be unavailable until you renew the subscription.

This is all just a rumor until we receive official confirmation from Sony. Of course, if the rumor turns out to be true—accounting for the availability of PS4 exclusives and classic titles—PS Now may become more comparable to Xbox Game Pass. However, there’s still the cheaper $9.99 value to contend with. We’ll have updates on PS Now and additional content drops as they come our way.

Happy gaming.