Nacon Revolution Pro 3 Delivers on Customization

Bigben is Releasing Nacon Revolution Pro 3 Controller

The features and support included in the Nacon Revolution Pro 3 controller are similar to the previous pro controllers licensed by Sony and Developed by Bigben Interactive. Unlike the other controllers, the new Nacon Revolution Pro controller allows gamers to store four customizable PC profiles and four customizable PS4 profiles, making switching between control setups even easier. The new Nacon Revolution Pro controller sacrifices the light bar and built in audio functionality for an LED player status indicator and customizable internal weights and ranges in price from $105.00 and $211.00Nacon Revolution Pro 3

Similar to the traditional Dualshock 4 controllers, the Nacon Revolution Pro 3 controller includes the touch pad, PS Share and Options buttons in the middle of the controller and can be used on the PC. The wired USB-C cable is about three meters in length and the six additional weights are 2x10g, 2x14g and 2x16g. The four-way d-pad can be converted to and eight-way for optimal control. Both vibration motors are customizable and there are dual customizable sticks with 46-degree amplitude. The customized profiles gamers create for their Nacon Revolution Pro can be downloaded and shared using the Nacon Gaming website and they’ll be able to access a live testing area to test their custom controls before taking them into a game.

The software interface of the controller is where gamers will fine tune the sensitivity of both sticks, each of the triggers and the vibration motor intensity. Gamers can also adjust their button mapping and change the right sticks LED for a custom look in the advanced modes as they switch between games or play styles. Controllers like the Nacon Revolution Pro 3 controller allow gamers the freedom to play exactly how they want to for a slight increase in cost.

Are you a gamer who likes to customize their controllers as much as the Nacon Revolution Pro allows, or do you prefer the base controller your console came with? Are you a keyboard and mouse user? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech