Slick New PS4 ‘Revolution Pro’ Controller Available Now to Pre-Order

Sony Announces New PS4 Controller

Sony has announced its latest third-party controller, the “Revolution Pro” for the PS4 in a brand new video! This controller is crafted by Nacon and is aimed at competitive console gamers who want a better controller experience than the original PS4 dualshock controllers. From what we can tell, it looks like some serious competition for the Xbox One Elite Controller…finally!

ps4 revolution pro controller

As you have probably figured out, this newest PS4 and PS4 Pro controller looks bigger than the average controllers we have come to know of the PS4, and looks very similar to the Xbox One controllers. Sony explains that this “technologically advanced controller” will help improve your performance in every style of competitive play.

The “Revolution Pro” retails for approximately $113 USD, making it relatively affordable for casual and serious gamers alike. The “Revolution Pro” offers different customization abilities, including a few controller profiles. These profiles can be loaded on the PC using an app specific to the controller.

The controller comes out on December 23rd and the pre-order is available here. Check out the full list of features below, as well as the “Revolution Pro” release video.

  • Enhanced joysticks with 46-degree amplitude for advanced accuracy
  • Pro Control and Advanced modes that optimize joystick sensitivity
  • An 8-way D-pad
  • Multi-touch touch pad
  • Customizable controller profiles
  • Improved triggers
  • Rubber coated surface
  • 3m braided cord, detachable for easy storage
  • 4 Shortcut buttons on the back
  • Internal weight compartment for tailored balance and feel