New Xbox One System Software Update Released Today

Latest Xbox One Update Available Now

The latest system update for Xbox One is here and with it come faster download speeds. Microsoft has promised that download speeds will be at least 40% faster as a result! While the latest Xbox One update mainly addresses connectivity and download speed, there are also a few other changes and improvements available as well.

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As detailed by Microsoft, the update will work better for those players with high-speed internet connections (more than 100 Mbps), improving their download speeds by up to 80%! Any players with slower internet connections (less than 100 Mbps) should see a 40% increase in their download speed. Alongside the improvements in download speeds, there are also performance fixes to the Xbox One controllers, general performance and stability improvements, as well as better music streaming app experiences. The update also promises to stabilize background downloads in the face of intermittent connectivity issues.

Earlier, we announced that almost half of Xbox One owners play backwards compatible games from the Xbox 360! This success of the backwards compatibility system means that more games should be available on the Xbox One in the near future. As the list of 300 games available for backwards compatibility grows, your old dusty games may have new life! It certainly will help to have better download speeds when that happens!

Check out the full list of patch notes here.