God of War and Gears 5 Compete Over GoW Acronym

God of War Inspired Aspects of Gears 5

God of War inspired the open world areas of The Coalition’s Gears 5 according to Art Director Aryan Hanbeck and it’s possible changing the formula as much as they are was inspired by Santa Monica Studio’s classic PlayStation exclusive. Bioshock Infinite also influenced the Gears 5 combat system, taking elements from various games to create their ideal Gears experience. Gears 5 releases on Xbox One and PC on September 10th, except for gamers who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of Gears 5 or subscribe to Game Pass where the game will be available four days before.

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“For me, God of War was a big one. They’re not exactly the same scenario we have, but they do such a good job of pointing you to specific places, giving you visual cues that are consistent throughout the whole game.” Said Aryan Hanbeck, expressing his enthusiasm for playing God of War. “It was such a fun game to play that we really took a lot of little cues from that, but tweaked to make sure it fits our experience.” It’s comforting that developers of great games are willing to express enthusiasm for what is essentially a competitors game and we hope Sony and Microsoft could work together on a similar project one day.

The intimate story of The Coalition’s Gears 5 sprawls across at least two quasi-open world levels: a snowy landscape and a desolate red desert. The familiar corridor shooting elements of Gears of War where gamers have to take cover will remain but the open world setting helps progress the story from one point to another and traversal of the landscapes is easy thanks to the very helpful Skiff which combines snowmobiling and windsurfing. “What’s interesting for us and why we talked about the variety of gameplay is because we look at what the industry is today,” and apparently the industry today isn’t as into the traditional Gears of War experience which is why Gears 5 overhauls a lot of what the franchise was doing.

Are you excited to traverse the open worlds of Gears 5 with the Skiff? What are some things you expect to see in the open worlds of the new Gears of War? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Telegraph