Get Moving With a New Nintendo Switch Accessory

This Freaky Looking Accessory in Nintendo’s New Wii Fit

Apparently Nintendo isn’t done with exercise based games and accessories according to a new trailer showing a diverse cast of gamers getting freaky with an unnamed plastic hoop accessory. One Joy-Con is inserted into the bendable hoop while the other Joy-Con is strapped to the gamers’ thigh with an accompanying holster. The gamers crowd around a television playing an unannounced game as they strike yoga poses, perform basic physiotherapy stretches, run in place and bend the heck out of the new Nintendo Switch accessory. The trailer for the plastic hoop tells gamers to stay tuned on September 12th for more information on what they just watched.

Nintendo accessory

Judging from the brief trailer Nintendo released for the new Switch accessory, the game accompanying it will be more of a party games as most of the scenes show a group of people exercising together. The trailer pans from San Francisco to Paris, showing people from around the world enjoying the new plastic hoop accessory but so far it leaves us with many questions considering it’s an unnamed product with an unannounced game that it will presumably release with the way the Wii Balance Board came with Wii Fit. It seems like Wii Fit Trainer may have more exercise to do beyond the clashes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate very soon.

Our biggest question after the trailer is how will this Nintendo accessory be implemented with Labo VR? Since it’s presently unnamed, we’re thinking Switch Fit sounds even catchier than Wii Fit. This accessory has us thinking Nintendo should work on their own smart watch if they want gamers to take exercise so seriously. The Wii Fit and the accompanying balance board accessory sold over 20 million copies across its lifetime, showing that Nintendo knows exercise games have a niche. After such a strange, out of context trailer, we’ll be keeping our eyes out for more news on September 12th.

What do you think of Nintendo’s newly announced Switch accessory? How do you think it can be implemented with Labo VR and other current Switch games? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech