Nintendo Labo VR Kit Launching this Spring

Build your own VR Experience

There have been rumours that Nintendo would be bringing virtual reality technology to the Nintendo Switch – and they’ve just announced the Nintendo Labo VR Kit will be launching this April.

There will be four different sets for the Toy-Con #4. Pictured above is the starter kit, which includes the VR goggles and a blaster and then two add on expansion kits “Camera + Elephant” and “Bird + Wind Pedal” – if you’re going to want the entire kit, an all-in-one package will also be available when the VR kits go on sale on April 12th.

Not much else has come out about the kit, which means we don’t have an idea of the price for this specific set or any videos of what we can expect.

Is this what you were expecting for Nintendo’s foray into VR? The Labo certainly makes sense as a first step, but personally I’m one for instant gratification and hearing how long some of these Labo kits take to build really turns me off. I’m not saying I won’t try it, but it’s not a huge priority for me! As we get closer to April, we’ll also keep our ear out for more updates on what to expect from the latest Labo kit!