Death Stranding PS4 Bundle Announced

Urine Coloured Controllers Get New Meaning With The Death Stranding Bundle

As part of Sony’s latest State of Play, a trailer showed off the latest Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro bundle which includes a 1TB black on white console branded with the game logo and a translucent pee orange-yellow coloured controller. The controller is the same colour as the game’s BB Pod and The White matte finish has two BT handprints that form the shapes of the world’s continents. This PS4 pro bundle is priced at $400 and it releases alongside the highly anticipated Sony exclusive on November 8th.

death stranding mads mikkelsen

Both the controller and the Limited Edition console are unique and offer their own flair, though they don’t seem to share much in common which makes us feel like the controller will be available stand alone. The trailer shows off the controller, initially containing a Bridge Baby in the left handle and for a moment, it almost seemed like Death Stranding gamers could get meta with the bundle as the Bridge Baby would watch you play as Norman Reedus with a Bridge Baby watching him traverse the barren landscape. Considering Kojima Productions made it clear that pee is a central part of the game, it’s fair to say that this is the most cannon pee coloured controller ever made.

The console itself is “sure to bring an otherworldly feel to your home entertainment setup,” but it doesn’t seem to be too much flair that someone won’t want to have it in their living room. This Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 pro bundle is the right balance between gaming room and living room and is sure to fit in anyone’s setup if they’re dying for the latest Hideo Kojima classic.

What do you think of the new Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro bundle? Do you hope the controller releases separately and do you plan on adding your own Bridge Baby to it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: wccftech