Death Stranding’s Sam Relaxes in Weird Ways in New TGS Demo

After a Straightforward Gameplay Demo, Death Stranding Gets Right Back to Being Weird

You ever get home at the end of a long day and try to find ways to relax? Maybe you start up Netflix to watch a show or do some yoga or take a bath in a hot spring with your Bridge Baby?

Did that last guess seem weird? Well don’t judge because, according to a second Death Stranding demo shown at TGS recently, that’s one of the ways the game’s protagonist, Sam, likes to unwind.

The 30-plus minute demo basically shows Sam goofing around in his safehouse and being an idiot. He snaps ridiculous photos using the game’s photo mode, hangs out with his Bridge Baby, eats some bugs, strikes poses, and inspects his equipment. He can also change his appearance with customizable hats and glasses, check his emails, and listen to music.

Death Stranding

Since the entire demo’s commentary is in Japanese, we can’t report on the finer details of what was shown but, going by the gameplay footage, it seems like there will be plenty of ways to mess around in Death Stranding when it launches on November 8th for PS4.

If you’d like to see the previous TGS demo that was shown earlier this week then we’ve got you covered.