New Death Stranding Demo Delves Deep Into the Game’s Mechanics

Death Stranding Is Starting to Make Much More Sense Now

Update (9/18/2019): A translated version of the gameplay demo can be viewed below!

Original Story:

A 48-minute Death Stranding demo was shown on Thursday at TGS 2019 and it provided an in-depth look at how Kojima’s latest game actually plays. Much of the demo is in Japanese but, luckily for us English speakers, there’s a useful PlayStation Blog post that explains some aspects of the demo.

As for the demo itself, it shows off on-foot traversal, driving, stealth gameplay, combat, and more.

According to the blog post, the protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, has to carefully prepare his equipment before heading outside to start his deliveries. Each piece of equipment weighs something, which affects Sam’s balance so you’ll have to choose wisely what you go out with.

Sam has several tools that can help him carry his packages such as various vehicles, a hovering palette, and an “Active Skeleton” device that makes him run faster. Sam can also sneak into enemy camps and steal their stuff. At one point in the demo (around the 22:18 mark), he sneaks into a dangerous area to steal some items, gets caught, and has to fight off enemies during his escape.

Death Stranding

When it comes to the online aspect of Death Stranding, the blog post explained that while it was unlikely for players to find each other in the world, it was possible to find things that other players have left behind.

“There are clear signs of other travelers like yourself using equipment to cross gaps and scale mountains, making you the benefactor of their generous intrepidness,” the post read. “Be sure to leave them a like for their troubles — it’s not yet known what purpose that serves, but at least it will make them feel deservedly appreciated.”

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