Character Creator Coming to Minecraft

No Crafting Table Required

In the latest patch notes ( Minecraft will be adding a Character Creator. This will allow players to customise their avatar in numerous ways. So far this is only active in the beta, which is available to Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android. There’s been no announcement for when the feature will roll out for other platforms.

Minecraft Dungeons

The character creator looks like it’ll be a mix of free content as well as custom accessories that will be available for purchase. Overall, it looks like an extremely versatile creator, allowing the player to change body size, shape, limbs, as well as the usual eyes, mouth, hairstyles, skin and hair colour, and facial hair. An impressive change from the simple texture applied to avatars previously. Custom skins from before can still be imported, so if you’ve worked for hours painting each pixel of your avatar, fear not.

Minecraft is going through a renaissance of a sort. Major YouTube channels that made their start with Minecraft are returning to the game after a few years off. The game also sees over 100 million players a month, so clearly this update will be put to good use by players.

There are a few other updates in the patch notes, covering crashes and performance issues. In addition, errors preventing skins from moving between devices or importing have been solved. The update looks to be preparing for the character creator.

Even with the 4K version being dropped, the Minecraft team is still steadily rolling out updates, and this is just the latest. From bees and honey farming to actual pandas(!) the game is as alive as ever. If you’ve been eyeing Minecraft, or as a nostalgic player, now might be the perfect time to jump back in.

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