Minecraft Now Offically Has Bees and Honey Farming in New Update

You Can Save the Bees in Minecraft 

Minecraft is home to an almost never-ending amount of animals. Horses, dogs, pigs, chickens, and just about every farm animal you can think of are in the game. But the game was suffering greatly due to the absence of the most important animal of all. The bees. Bees are now in Minecraft.

Bees are a neutral mop. Which means that they will not be attacked unless provoked. Just like real life. Here is a link to the finer details that explain how bees will behave. The most interesting note about the behavior of the bees is that if they do attack and sting you, they will die as a result of losing their stinger. So please be nice to the bees. There aren’t that many left.

Beehives are also making an appearance in the new update. Beehives will spawn randomly around the world. The player can construct manmade “hives” that can attract and house bees at your home. You make hives with honeycomb and wood. You can collect honey from these hives. But the bees also give a huge bonus to your farm. Having bees pollinate everything makes your crops grow faster. So if you throw a couple of hives next to a wheat field you should have a ton of bread in a short amount of time.

Honey can be collected in a new item called the honey bottle, how creative. Honey can also be turned into sugar.

The way in which Minecraft has changed over the years is nothing short of amazing. The game went from being painfully bare bones to having infinite amounts of crafting options as well as numerous enemies and animals to interact with. And now there are bees. It doesn’t get any better than bees.