New Apex Legends Hero Leaks at GME

During GME 2019, the new Apex Legends Hero Was Leaked

During Gamestop’s annual conference, the GME, an Apex Legends panel revealed the new hero named Crypto coming to Apex Legends in season three. Crpyto will use drones in combat as his special ability and he was actually teased by Respawn Producer Tina Sanchez who shared photos of a newly motion captured actor on Twitter.

Apex Legends

Among other things leaked at the supposedly private conference’s Apex Legends panel include a gun familiar to any Titanfall fans, the Charge Rifle. As the name suggest, the rifle takes a few moments to charge before it unleashes a devastating laser. In Titanfall, the Charge Rifle was primarily used to defeat Titans and was a one-shot-kill when shooting infantry. This will likely be a two-shot-kill in Apex and the gun is expected to give away your location as it glows while it charges and like other Titanfall weapons that transitioned into Apex, the Charge Rifle is expected to play slightly differently.

Alongside Crypto and the Titanfall Charge Rifle was an upcoming Halloween skin for Gibraltar. All of these things come together to suggest that season three will be similar to season two with the addition of one character to build an event around, one gun for gamers to experiment with during the event and a plethora of skins for gamers to spend money on and hopefully grind for. We are fans of Halloween so it’s exciting to think of all of the Halloween-themed skins that will launch with the Gibraltar one.

What are some ways you think using a drone in Apex Legends could give you the upper hand against your competition? Do you see Crypto being exploited by the most competitive players? Are you familiar with the Charge Rifle from Titanfall? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt