Apex Legends Solo Mode Has a Problem With Cheaters

Cheaters Have Flocked to Solo Mode

Apex Legends has introduced a solo game mode that has attracted a ton of new players. However, there have been a few unintended consequences that this new game mode has brought about. Cheaters.

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Many players will end up in games with their friends and then team up on the other players who are playing on their own. This has happened organically as well. When two random players will do the same thing in order to make sure they are the last two standing.

One person of Reddit said, “Encountered teamers too a few minutes ago…Dude was actually pinging the enemies but of course his buddy wouldn’t be able to see his ping. They won the game. They were just trick shotting each other and s*** at the end.”

As an experiment, people at Eurogamer tried to “queue snipe”. This is the act of searching for a game at the exact same time as your friend. According to Eurogamer, they were put in the same match four out of five times.

As disheartening as this may seem, this solo game mode is only available for a limited time. So this is only going to persist for a couple more weeks. Whether or not if this game mode will return is uncertain. But if it does then we should expect to see these issues ironed out. There is not much anyone can do to stop random players from teaming up. However, stopping friends from “queue sniping” shouldn’t be hard.

This is not a great look for Apex Legends. The battle royale heavyweight has had issues with keeping its audience captivated and drawn in. And glaring problems like this is not going to help. If anything it’ll just make players leave the game faster than before.