Respawn Entertainment Just Revealed a Titanfall 3 Tease Could Be Incoming

Is a Titanfall 3 Tease Dropping Soon?

If you’ll recall the fate of Titanfall 3 was up in the air for quite some time, however late last year it was confirmed that indeed a third game in the popular shooter franchise was in the works. Since then it’s been relatively quiet on the news front, until today that is, when Respawn may have just revealed an incoming tease.

New Titanfall 2 Mech titanfall-2-pilot-meets-titan

Earlier today, the official Titanfall Instagram account posted a cryptic video teasing something for Saturday, May 26th. The photo was captioned, “5.26.18 Incoming Transmission posted by Senior Animator at Respawn Entertainment. #PassItOn.” This seems like relatively short notice, and as such there’s no wonder Respawn wants their little announcement shared a bunch of times. You can check out the Instagram post below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Titanfall, the games are first-person shooters where players can control both a pilot and their Titan exoskeletons. While the pilots are quick, with a slew of abilities to enhance the frenetic gameplay, the Titans are a lot less mobile, armed with stronger firepower and armor. Offering a variety of gameplay and a unique experience to the shooter genre, Titanfall 2 received very positive reviews, however failed to really make a dent with sales.

Now while it’s not exactly confirmed that this will be Titanfall 3, that is what the speculation points to. And this would keep in line with Treyarch’s big reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last week, and DICE’s big reveal of Battlefield V yesterday. Fingers crossed that if Titanfall 3 is going to be teased that we will receive a few tidbits of information as well, including a launch date that steers clear of the two major FPS franchises in the middle of October.

Are you hoping for a Titanfall 3 tease in just two days? Is there anything specific you want to see from the third game in the franchise? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!