Respawn CEO Apologizes to Angered Apex Legends Community

The Apex Legends Subreddit Has Lately Been a Hotbed of Anger and Insults

The relationship between the Apex Legends community and the game’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, has been pretty hostile lately. A recent thread on the game’s subreddit reportedly involved Respawn employees getting into a heated argument with users who harshly criticized the game’s lootboxes. At least one employee called a subreddit user a “dick” and went off on “ass-hats” who disrespected game developers because of microtransactions.

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In response to all this controversy, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella posted a statement on Twitter on Monday that apologized for how his employees conducted themselves in the Reddit thread.

“Some of our folks crossed a line with their comments, and that’s not how we want Respawn to be represented,” Zampella said. “I apologize to any of our fans that were offended.”

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“I will always stand behind the team here at Respawn,” he continued, “and support them on speaking out against some of the toxic and nasty comments being directed at them, including everything from death threats to comments aimed at their families and loved ones. But we shouldn’t contribute to it when we comment, and add to the very thing we want to prevent.”

Zampella also said that having “an open, healthy relationship with our community is incredibly important to all of us at Respawn.”

The Apex Legends subreddit’s reaction to Zampella’s apology appears to be mostly positive but several users are still criticizing how Respawn has been handling the game’s lootboxes.

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