Apex Legends Will Have a Solo Player Mode for a Limited Time

The Mode Will be Released Next Week 

Apex Legends will be getting a solo game mode for a limited time. The news was broken via Twitter this morning by the official Apex Legends Twitter account. This is a large shake-up to the vanilla formula of the game. For those unaware, Apex Legends is a battle royale game that drops teams of three players to face off against dozens of other teams. The last team standing wins the match.

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The meta of the game has really been built around teamwork and cooperation between squadmates. So going in solo is a totally alien idea to the game. Solo matches are commonplace among Apex Legends competitors. Fornite and PUBG both offer a solo game type. This could be Apex Legend’s response to that.

Called the “Iron Crown Collection Event,” it will begin on August 13th and conclude on August 27th. So you will have two weeks to see how you do when you’re playing on your own. Many of the abilities that the different characters have access are meant to buff or aid your teammates. So it will be interesting to see how they are used in solo matches.

The Apex community has been quite vocal about having more variety among game types. However, this is only a temporary game mode. But, if solo modes turn out to be well received by the community then there should be no reason why it wouldn’t be added to the game permanently at a later date.

Apex has a lot of stiff competitors and is going to try just about anything to keep players coming back for more. The first season of Apex Legends started with a big boom but shortly fizzled out. EA wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again.