4 Regions are Included in Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Beta

Wreak Havoc Across 4 Regions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Beta

Ghost Recon Breakpoint releases on October 4th but Ubisoft will be doing a beta for pre-orders of Breakpoint as well as Uplay+ subscribers in September. The preload for the beta will begin across multiple regions on September 2nd and the beta begins on September 5th and will last until September 9th, giving Ghost Recon fans several days to try out the latest installment early. The beta will feature tons of missions across four of the open world regions that will be available in the full game and is available on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Gamers will be able to explore the Smuggler Coves, Mount Hodgson, Sinking Country and the Fen Bog. Soldiers will be able to team up with up to three other soldiers to tackle the PvE elements or brave the world of Breakpoint solo. There will be eight new faction missions per day, two main storyline missions and many side missions to discover more about what happened to the island and its people.

There are three different types of drone areas scattered around the open world regions which will keep gamers on edge and presented with constant challenges. The Behemoths are the largest drones with massive firepower and thick armor. The Aamons are the mid-sized and agile drones that can still open fire. Murmurs are the smallest drones and present the least challenge as they swarm unsuspecting soldiers below like a crow protecting its nest.

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